Make the one you love feel special!

 Little Hints to let them know you Love them…Keep your relationship alive!


  • Leave a hand written note somewhere you know they will find it, just simply saying “I LOVE YOU!”
  • Buy them a favorite candy bar or snack (add it to a lunch box, leave it on a pillow etc…
  • Call or text them just to say, “I Love You!” and that you are thinking of them.
  • Cook a favorite meal or take them out to a favorite restaurant when they least expect it.
  • Buy a card or make one, leave somewhere they will find it.
  • Send flowers for no other occasion but to say, I Love You!  or Buy your man a gift.(I know most men don’t do flowers.  lol)
  • Take time out of your day just to sit down and talk, NO TV, Cell phones or other distractions. Give them your full attention.


 **There are lots of little things you can do to show your love, this is just a few!** 

                                            **Use your imagination!**